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The Best Plants for Creating Colorful Winter Containers

Garden Design Tips, Container Gardening

Creating an eye-catching and spirit-lifting winter container can be quick and easy. Taking the time to freshen the container plantings at your front entry will reward you all winter long and brighten your spirits every time you come home.

Fall Flowers in My Northwest Garden

My Garden, Fall, Perennials

I talk a lot about the importance of attractive and colorful foliage, contrasting textures, and creating compositions using a variety of plant shapes when choosing plants for my garden. But I'm a flower floozy too. I'm especially fond of long bloomers, late bloomers, and annuals go for the burn, sprinting all the way to the finish line.

Tips for Adapting Plant Combos to Different Regions

How to Use eGardenGo

Although the content on eGardenGo is Northwest-centric, the design principals are universal, and can be applied anywhere.

How to Artfully Add Spring Bulbs to your Plant Combos

Fall, Garden Design Tips

Tips for designing great planting combinations for your garden that include spring-blooming bulbs.

How to Design Show-stopping Container Plantings

Garden Design Tips, Container Gardening

In this post I provide tips on how to design a container garden. Whether it's an exuberantly overstuffed single pot or a grouping of multiple pots, designing successful container plantings is about balance. Enough repetition to create a harmonious whole, tempered by enough drama to excite without resulting in chaos.

20+ Perennials That Will Ensure a Fantastic Fall Finale

Fall, Perennials

Unfazed by fall, these stalwart perennials finish strong—with style, and full of color. And we provide plant combination ideas that will help you to include them in your garden!

An Update on my Pruning Experiment from February

My Garden, Garden Design Tips, Care, Culture & Maintenance

Gardens are process and they evolve over time—growing with us, as we grow as gardeners. I often get questions from site users and followers about how I maintain and care for my Portland, Oregon garden. I've been making videos that share my design process as I evaluate, edit, and pursue the ongoing refinement of my garden.

Plants with Big Leaves Make a Bold Statement

Garden Design Tips, Shrubs, Perennials

For most of us, COVID-19 has us sticking close to home for the summer. If you'd like to up the vacation vibe of your backyard, use plants with big leaves in your garden to lend a touch of the exotic to your backyard retreat.

Garden-making Tips for Proper Plant Spacing

My Garden, Garden Design Tips, Care, Culture & Maintenance

Many a gardener has discovered through trial and error that getting the spacing between plants right—the first time—can be a challenge.

Making Edits to Established Garden Beds

My Garden, Garden Design Tips, Care, Culture & Maintenance

In this video post I talk you through my thinking as I make edits to my existing garden beds. I hope this ideas will help you gain confidence as you think about renovating your own flower beds.

How to Use Simple Sketches to Plan Your Garden

Garden Design Tips

Even though my drawings eventually get translated to a digital medium once I recreate them on my iPad, but there’s something about actual, physical pencil-to-paper that's still the fastest and most freeing for me. I’ve created a series of short videos that capture this sketching technique in real time—warts and all!

Four Plants, Three Ways: Adapting Plant Combos to Different Garden Layouts

Garden Design Tips

In this post, I demonstrate how to lay out three different gardens, using the same four plants to fit three differently-shaped but quite typical garden beds:

How to Adapt Plant Combinations to Different Growing Conditions

Garden Design Tips

In this video, I create two versions of the same landscape using plants for sun in one and plants for shade in the other. The gardens are designed with shape, form, texture and color top of mind.

Perennials For Pollinators - A Gallery of Gorgeous Images


A gallery of gorgeous perennials that will attract pollinators to your garden.

Gorgeous Grasses for the Late Season Garden

Fall, Perennials, Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are especially effective in late summer and fall gardens. Our top picks include Stipa gigantea, Miscanthus 'Morning Light', Pennisetum 'Burgundy Bunny', Helictotrichon 'Sapphire', and Molinia caerulea ssp. caerulea 'Moorflamme'.

How to Choose the Best Plants for Your Private Eden

Garden Design Tips

Carefully selected plants are the secret to creating a memorable garden. These tips will help you choose plants like a professional landscape designer.

15 Low-Maintenance Perennials that Thrive on Once-a-Year Care

Care, Culture & Maintenance, Perennials

These low-maintenance perennials will thrive on a once-a-year maintenance task. The secret is in knowing what to do, when to do it, and what clues to look for.

5 Traits the Best Plant Combinations Have In Common

Garden Design Tips

The secret to creating successful plant combinations in your garden borders lies in paying attention to these five traits.

These Shrubs with Wonderful Foliage Look Great Year-Round


When selecting evergreen shrubs for my garden I’m always on the lookout for plants that are attractive for multiple seasons, preferably year-round.

Combine 7 Plants in 7+ Ways to Create a Beautiful Garden

Garden Design Tips, How to Use eGardenGo

In this post, I show seven plants arranged in more than seven different plant combination layouts that are suited to a variety of garden situations.

How to Puzzle Out Planting Design Like a Pro

Garden Design Tips

When it comes to garden design and plant selection, there's a huge number of enticing and beautiful plants to choose from, and that can make it hard to decide where to start. Narrowing the selection from the many choices can be a challenge. I hope this framework for thinking about it will help.

A Collection of Compact Shrubs for Small Gardens


Small lots, big houses—whatever the reason, outdoor space is often at a premium in the typical urban plot. These slow growing, compact shrubs are the perfect low-maintenance, easy-care solution.

Use Evergreen Shrubs with Yellow Foliage to Bring Light to Gray Days


When designing your landscape, selecting shrubs with evergreen, yellow foliage will brighten gray winter days.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Plants to Screen and Divide Space

Garden Design Tips, Shrubs

These tips will help DIY homeowners choose the best plants for creating a privacy screen, screen an unsightly view, or divide outdoor spaces.

5 Four-Season Trees for Small Gardens


5 four-season trees that earn their keep, even when selecting plants for a small garden.

20 Plants that will Create a Strong Foliage Foundation

Garden Design Tips, Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are the sturdy foundation upon which gardens are built. In addition to year-round structure these selections have additional merits such as fabulous foliage, decorative berries or blooms. Use the eGardenGo site to get ideas for what to plant with them.

Assess. Adjust. Repeat. How to Create a Resilient Garden

My Garden, Garden Design Tips, Care, Culture & Maintenance

Being away from your garden for an extended period of time provides an opportunity to see your garden with fresh eyes upon your return—to really see how it holds up to a stint of benign neglect. In a word, how resilient it is. You can then draw upon these observations as you decide what to do next in your garden.

Six Super Shrubs That I'm Growing in my Small PNW Garden

My Garden, Garden Design Tips, Shrubs

In this video Darcy Daniels, garden designer and creator of eGardenGo, introduces you to six shrubs that she's growing in her small, Pacific Northwest garden.

Garden-making Tip: Pre-Soak Plants and Soil Before Planting

Care, Culture & Maintenance

When you install new plants in your garden, make sure the plant's root ball and surrounding soil are well-saturated. This is especially important when planting in hot weather. Read on to learn why you should pre-soak your plants in order to avoid problems getting them established in your garden.

Garden Design Tip: Select Rhododendrons for Foliage

Garden Design Tips, Shrubs

Rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs best known for their spring bloom, but I’d like to extol the virtues of varieties selected for their attractive foliage.

Favorite Plant Binders—Use These in Multiples as Garden Glue

Garden Design Tips

Repetition is a core principal of landscape design. Repeating plants is a tried and true strategy for creating continuity and cohesion in landscape design. These are some of my go-to plants for creating rhythm and repetition.

Flowers and More: Enjoy 3 Beautiful Seasons from these Shrubs

Garden Design Tips, Shrubs

I love flowers as much as the next gardener, but I’m a greedy gardener and I want more! So I try to select spring-blooming shrubs that will provide enjoyment for multiple seasons.

Ensemble Plant Performances — Stronger Together

Garden Design Tips

Even a common, ubiquitous plant can be elevated by its association with a complementary partner — just like two musicians, each player adds perfectly-timed contributions of foliage, flower, fragrance, or other pleasing attribute, and the song is made.

3 Good Reasons to Use a Limited Plant Palette

Garden Design Tips

The current trend toward simpler, tidier gardens points toward using a more restricted palette of plants. Landing on a small number of plants to use in your garden can be an effective means of achieving a cohesive whole, but simplicity is not necessarily simple to achieve. But there are at least three good reasons to consider limiting yourself in this way when creating your garden.

My Favorite Small Trees with Great Bark For Winter Interest


My favorite trees with beautiful winter bark for small gardens: Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire' (vine maple), Acer griseum (paperbark maple), Arctostaphylos ' Austin Griffith' (manzanita), Betula nigra 'Little King (Fox Valley dwarf river birch), Lagerstroemia x 'Zuni' (crape myrtle), and Stewartia monadelpha (tall stewartia).

How to Select Dwarf Conifers for a Small Garden


Darcy Daniels, garden designer with Bloomtown Gardens creator of eGardenGo.com gives advice on how to select slow-growing, dwarf conifers for small gardens. Visit eGardenGo for ideas and inspiration to help you select plants for your garden.

Plant Combo Recipe Focusing on Plant Shape and Foliage Color

Garden Design Tips, How to Use eGardenGo

To create magazine-worthy planting combinations focus on plant foliage and plant form first when combining plants in your garden.

When It Comes to Growing Healthy, Happy Plants - Science Before Art

Garden Design Tips, Care, Culture & Maintenance

Unfortunately, plants that look beautiful together don't always grow together. That's why science should always be considered before art in your garden. Use the eGardenGo site to help you discover compatible and inspiring plant combinations to try in your own garden.


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